Cute silly bunny

Front End 


Les  Lapilove, made of pure love !

Outrageously kitsch, this website is full of funny animation. Each rabbit reacts to the mouse !

Rabbits & friends

You had a bad week ? You need a hug ? Club Internet has THE solution for you. A concentration of love and tenderness !

Enter the pastel world of cute rabbits who desperately want to love you. And they are generous ! They allow you to spread drops of love all around with the lapilove machine : you can download it to your computer and receive sweet words on demand and send them to your friends or use the lapisong for your mobile ringtone... what a great idea ! 

But what does "Club Internet" gain ? 

New customers. Through the site you can sponsor your friends and give them one free month of internet while you accumulate points for bonus gifts.