Les Voisins

Easily adaptable website promoting Pascale Henry's company Les Voisins 

Front End & Back End



Pascale Henry founded the company "Les voisins du dessous" in 1989. Her path is one of those you follow mind and eyes wide open. Her company's repertoire of more than twenty pieces is produced using very diverse approaches, but her work is always recognizable.  

A strong personality

It was important to come up with a project that matched Pascale's strong personality. Taking a step away from conventional web design, the website's navigation is inspired by the experience of flipping through a magazine and its appearance by a magazine's graphic design.

Each page fits the screen size and proportion to preserve the composition. The central gallery can integrate video, music, text and photos.

Clean & simple

The company updates the website regularly so they need an efficient and simple system, easy to operate without the need for special training. This led to the development of a back office identical to the website which can be updated in just a few clicks.