Hello, my name is Romain Malauzat, web-developer & designer specialised in producing crafted, lightweight animations.


I like to work on front-end, whether it's for websites or web applications, using web technologies available, including HTML5/Php, CSS3 and JavaScript (mostly with coffeescript, Requirejs, bower, gulp, grunt ).

Whenever I develop, I also pay big attention to adaptive & responsive web design and web performances, to serve accessible content for each devices, regardless of the bandwidth available.

I take care about accessibility to everyone, including search engines.

Motion Design

I'm specialised in motion design, using canvas, SVG, Css3, Flash, and/or GSAP. 

I came from design training and used to work a lot on marketing websites for movies using Flash.

I did a lot of animation on the time line as much as programmed animation.


I also do some back-end using frameworks like Drupal or Wordpress.

I also use my own CDN made with php and js.


Keywords ! Gulp, Git, stylus, JadePhp, Gruntjs, Compass, SVN, Sublime Text, Flash, Adobe CS, etc...


I Started at Mk2, the Parisian distribution & production film company. I was designing and building Flash websites to promote their films. I then worked as a Free Lancer for companies such as Universal Music, Barclays, ULM, Ocean Film, etc, making flash websites and banners for artists and movies.

After this I joined Megalo & Company in Paris as AD web, and then join Eggs Agency as CD.

After this experience I moved to Berlin and continue to work as free lancer for mainly advertising companies such as AKQA, FightingFish, 5eme Gauche and FullSix. 

I worked for few month at Bleech.de in Berlin, where I learned a lot, especially how to work with wordpress more efficiently, and with a team of developer.